They Carry the World on their Heads

They Carry the World on their Heads

There aren't too many reasons to be cheerful in Zimbabwe: dictatorship, inflation, crises, Aids and hunger rule everyday life. How do these people defy the odds' Their undaunted sense of humour, their fantasy and their patience constantly spur them on to find new ways to survive. Particularly the women. They carry the world on their heads and know: only they who laugh survive. Katharina Morello tells us about these strong women. In her short stories, we meet them, young and old. We see them set out, fail – and then get up again. And we hear them laugh, time and again. Because of course there is also cause for celebration in Zimbabwe: when the big ants fly at night – a delicacy when roasted and salted; when in the midst of vermin a child is born and when after months of waiting, an internet connection holds for 7 minutes and the first email finally arrives.

Published by Peter Hammer Verlag, the book is 150 pages, is bound, costs Fr. 26.50 and is available in all good bookshops.
ISBN 978-3-7795-0176-3

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